Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nintendo 3DS

This is blowing my mind right now.

In other news, my internship at Radical Axis will be drawing to a close soon. It's been fun, but I'm glad to be coming back home. You really don't know how comfy you are at home until you're in a strange city at a new job, with no friends in the area. It's been a little rough, but I made it out alive.

Sorry I haven't been posting more stuff! Nothing's really blown my mind lately, which is unfortunate. If you wanna see cool Flash animation, go to ColdHardFlash. They always post neat vids.

I finished a 9 page pitch bible for my series, Zeus Gai. I'm still debating whether or not I should post it...I probably will, but on deviantART. I might post some character art here, though. This blog needs some more actual artwork from me. :\

I've been contributing to the Radical Axis sketchblog since I've been here, so you can check that out:
The drawings are all labeled, so just poke around until you see mine. All of the submissions are rad in my opinion.

Also, I will be attending C2E2 in Chicago, this April. If you're going, let me know! :)

Stay awesome!